Three residents of Krasnoyarsk Territory are accused of stealing about 28,000 meters of cable from power poles

Source: Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs in English

In the Kansky District of the Krasnoyarsk Territory the police detained three local residents, accused of stealing about 28,000 meters of cable from power poles.
In the period from July 2018 to February 2019, the MIA of Russia Inter-Municipal Division “Kansky” received four statements from representatives of the interregional grid company that aluminum cables belonging to the organization were cut-off and stolen by unknown persons. The total material damage amounted to about 690 thousand rubles.
Criminal investigators joined the investigation of the circumstances, the identification of the offenders and their detention. Operatives found that the object of the crime was the cable lines to the settlements of Brazhnoe, Tarai, Verkhniy Amonash and Stepnyaki.
In the course of operative-search activities, the police detained three previously convicted men born in 1958, 1984, and 1988.  During the search of their place of residence, detectives discovered and seized fragments of the stolen cable. As explained by the detainees, they sold the stolen property in parts to the non-ferrous metal scrap collection point, and spent the money on personal needs.
Criminal cases were initiated on offenses stipulated by parts 2 and 3 of Article 158 “Fraud” of the RF Criminal Code. This article presumes a punishment in the form of imprisonment for a term of up to 6 years.