Meeting with Head of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency Vladimir Uyba

Source: President of Russia – The Kremlin – English

The FMBA Head updated the President on the implementation of his instructions and the operations of the field hospital established in flood affected Irkutsk Region.
* * *
President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, Mr Uyba.
Head of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency Vladimir Uyba: Mr President, I have come to report on the implementation of your instructions.
One of the most important instructions, which we have implemented, we are pleased to say, is the establishment of the Medical Radiology Centre, or the Nuclear Medicine Centre as people call it, in Dimitrovgrad.
It is a unique centre and the world’s largest to date, with a floor space of 105,000 square metres, where every metre is unique. It is important that this centre combines all the medical radiology methods currently used in the world, and all of them are available at this centre.
This is a vital feature, because people need to travel half the world or half the country to receive medical treatment, which means that they may not have enough time to complete their treatment. However, our “one-stop-shop” centre offers all current technologies in one place.
The most important part is the Proton Therapy Centre, where we can save up to 1,200 people annually. Proton therapy is the only method for treating tumours.
Vladimir Putin (looking at some papers): What do your markers here represent?
Vladimir Uyba: The first marker signifies the parts that are functioning and the second marker – those still under construction.
We have started in earnest, that is, by filing a request for the biggest centre. This is very good, for, as I said, the demand for this method of treatment is very big.
As for proton therapy methods, it is the most widely used method of treatment for ailments of the brain and eye tumours in the world.
I can assure you that this is not a photoshopped image, this is the real thing. We are building in three stages, because it is impossible to complete an area of 105,000 square metres in one go.
First, we completed the construction and assembly stages. The third stage implies the installation of medical equipment. We have not only completed the first two stages but have also received the necessary medical licences.
In fact, we have selected the first group of 140 patients to receive treatment on a proton accelerator. The first eight patients will start this treatment on September 20.
Vladimir Putin: So soon?
Vladimir Uyba: Yes, in a matter of days. Therefore, it would be wonderful if you added a visit to the centre to your agenda for September or October. This would be marvellous.
Vladimir Putin: All right.
To be continued.