Meeting with Defence Ministry leadership and heads of defence industry enterprises

Source: President of Russia – The Kremlin – English

The Supreme Commander-in-Chief continued a series of meetings on military subjects. The meetings are on the current state of and development prospects for the Russian Navy. On this day, the meeting participants discussed issues related to the use of high technology in the Navy.
The latest series of the President’s meetings with the Ministry’s leadership and defence industry representatives began in Sochi on Monday.
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Beginning of meeting with Defence Ministry leadership and heads of defence industry enterprises
President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, colleagues,
Today we are holding the third meeting on the development of the Navy.
As you know, the effectiveness of the Navy, as well as of the Armed Forces in general, largely depends on the timely receipt of data from space systems, the reliable operation of navigation and communications systems, the integration of all information resources, and artificial intelligence capabilities for solving problems on the battlefield. These are very complex issues, mainly closed to public discussion, and we will consider them in detail today.
I would like to note that the leading countries are rigorously developing modern space systems for military and dual purpose use, and upgrading and improving their technical specifications. As for the US military-political leaders, they actually quite openly consider outer space as a theatre of war and, accordingly, are planning military operations there.
To maintain strategic superiority in this area, the United States is accelerating the development of space forces, which are already carrying out operational training for this purpose.
Russia has consistently opposed and will continue to oppose the militarisation of space. At the same time, the developments in this context require us to focus on strengthening the orbital group, as well as the aerospace industry as a whole.
To be continued.