Law ensuring consideration for sanitary and epidemiological situation during elections and referendums

Source: President of Russia – The Kremlin – English

The Federal Law is aimed at further improving regulations for organising and holding elections and referendums to form public government bodies, creating maximum convenience for the citizens participating in the elections and ensuring that the sanitary and epidemiological situation and other factors that may cause a risk to public health are taken into consideration.
Thus, the Federal Law stipulates the possibility of collecting signatures for elections of government bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation with the use of the Public Services Portal of the Russian Federation federal state information system; it specifies the notion of remote electronic voting, expanding opportunities for early voting and voting outside designated voting premises; and clarifies the requirements for signature sheets at different elections.
In addition, the Federal Law sets the possibility of postponing voting on electing a senior official of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation elected by the regional legislature if a high alert regime or an emergency situation is declared when public health and lives are threatened.
The Federal Law also states that local government elections of a newly established municipality must be held no later than one year after it was established.