Meeting to discuss government’s draft resolution on rented housing for public-sector employees

Source: President of the Republic of Belarus

11 June 2020

It is essential to build more rented housing for workers of the social sector, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he heard out a report on the draft resolution of the government “On citizens with priority right for rented housing” on 11 June.“An important issue, which I would like to discuss with you, pertains to the provision of rented housing to workers of the social sector. However, one of the key tasks for the government in the coming five-year period is the development of regions. And the development of regions is impossible without workers of the social sector,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed.He added that it is essential to support various categories of workers of the social sector, including teachers and doctors. “I do not conceal that they are the pillars of our society, not only the pillars in professional sense. They are often engaged in various national events,” the president said. He noted that people are now grateful to doctors for their work in the complicated epidemiological situation. However, the resolution of the housing issue is more important for doctors than the words of gratitude.“We have already determined our objectives and have examples of such housing. There are such homes in Borovlyany. They are affordable and very comfortable. This is how we can settle a housing issue for young doctors and teachers. This is not just a dormitory (although it is called this way). If I was given such in apartment in that dormitory when I was younger… These are affordable and feasible projects. They will not pay back, but still people pay enough for rented housing. Therefore, I cannot say that this is a terribly lossmaking project. We need to build more rented housing, we need to prioritize such projects, especially for doctors, teachers, workers of culture,” Aleksandr Lukashenko believes. “Of course, it is especially relevant for our regions. But it is also important for Minsk. We need to pay more attention to regions. Then the employee turnover will be reduced, fewer people will go abroad to earn €900-1,000 for their regular needs. This issue should be a priority in the future.”Speaking about the draft resolution, the president asked if all issues and categories of workers of the social sector were taken into account. According to the president, one should decide if it makes sense to provide reducing coefficients for rented housing out of hand. “Some people can pay for rented housing themselves, while other people need support. We need to pay attention to this issue,” he explained. “And the main thing is the effect that we will get from this decision. There should be one effect: people should stay where they are, they should live and work in their country, they should work efficiently.” Aleksandr Lukashenko added that the work on the housing issue began long ago, and the decision should be made as soon as possible.