Opening Defence Ministry COVID-19 medical centres

Source: President of Russia – The Kremlin – English

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Colleagues, good afternoon,
Today we are holding an important and pleasant event: five new medical centres built by the Defence Ministry are opening in Voronezh, Penza, Kaspiysk, Derbent and Botayurt. These advanced medical facilities have all the necessary equipment to treat people facing this dangerous disease, the coronavirus infection.
And, of course, they must strengthen the potential of the regional healthcare systems in the long term. In this context, I would like to note that four of the five centres I listed were built at the request of the heads of Daghestan and the Voronezh Region and, as we agreed, will be transferred to these regions.
The necessary brigades of military and civil builders, resources and equipment were quickly sent there during the most difficult first stage of the pandemic and everything needed was done to quickly increase the number of specialised beds in the Russian regions with the most severe conditions.
Let me remind you that on May 15, two months after the pandemic broke out, 16 Defence Ministry medical centres for patients with the coronavirus opened. Let me reiterate: they were built over an unprecedentedly short time and with high quality. Over 2,000 highly skilled specialists were trained to work in these facilities.
In the first six weeks of operations, these medical institutions have proven that they were needed. Over 4,500 patients were treated and over 25,000 tests were carried out. Moreover, four other mobile hospitals were quickly deployed in Daghestan and the Krasnoyarsk and the Trans-Baikal Territories.
I am sure that the centres we are opening today will be as effective and make their contribution to combatting the virus, while we will continue to combat it persistently and substantially; we will do everything to protect the lives and safety of our people.
The situation we are facing has shown that the Russian healthcare system, as Russia in general, is capable of quickly responding to the most difficult challenges. In a very short time, necessary resources were allocated and additional specialised beds deployed. Let me stress that the entire mechanism to immediately respond to the spread of the virus and aid the regions was well-honed, and it must always remain on high alert.
During the pandemic, both military and civilian medical workers have helped their regional colleagues and worked as part of the field teams.
Over 18,500 experts from the Defence Ministry’s military medical service have been part of combatting the virus, and all of them have acted professionally and even selflessly whenever required. They did everything necessary to prevent the spread of the virus in the army and the navy and helped military personnel and their families, the retired service personnel and recruits.
In recent weeks, the focus has been on the health of the personnel who took part in the parade, or, to be exact, the parades to mark the 75th anniversary of Victory. All of Russia was looking forward to them, and they took place in Moscow, St Petersburg, Sevastopol, Vladikavkaz, Kaliningrad and 23 other Russian cities. A total of 58,000 people took part, and their safety was ensured.
The current generation of military medical workers worthily continues the work of their predecessors.
I would like to once again thank the military doctors and all medical workers of the Defence Ministry as well as everyone involved in the construction of the new medical centres for their hard work, bravery and composure during their fight against this pandemic.
I give the floor to Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu. Go ahewad, please.
To be continued.