Phone calls between the High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini and the President and Chief Executive of

MIL OSI – Source: European Union – Press Release/Statement

Headline: Phone calls between the High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini and the President and Chief Executive of

The High Representative/Vice-President, Federica Mogherini, spoke yesterday with the Chief Executive of Afghanistan, Abdullah Abdullah, and this morning with the President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani.
The HR/VP expressed to President Ghani her sincere condolences to the families and friends of the victims of last night’s attack on the American University in Kabul, reiterating the European Union’s solidarity with the Afghan authorities in the fight against terrorism.The High Representative spoke to both the Chief Executive and the President about the urgent need to find a swift, viable and durable solution to current challenges. Political stability remains a prerequisite for progress – for the sake of the country and the Afghan people.
Following their meeting two weeks ago she welcomed the new round of talks announced for later today.  She expressed her confidence in the President and the Chief Executive to collectively live up to their commitments and to help maintain important international support. 
The HR/VP discussed with the President and with the Chief Executive the upcoming Brussels Conference on Afghanistan, to be held on 4-5 October. The Conference, co-hosted by the European Union,  will provide a timely opportunity for the international community and the Afghan National Unity Government to renew their partnership, and to take further steps towards a peaceful, stable and prosperous Afghanistan.

Podsumowanie akcji "Siłacze Społeczni"

MIL OSI – Source: Poland Ministry of the Economy in Polish – Press Release/Statement

Headline: Podsumowanie akcji "Siłacze Społeczni"

W poniedziałek, 29 sierpnia o godz. 13.00 na Stadionie Narodowym w Warszawie odbędzie się podsumowanie akcji „Siłacze Społeczni”. Gala będzie ukoronowaniem akcji przeprowadzonej w ramach kampanii Ministerstwa Rozwoju „Wyrównujemy szanse”. W wydarzeniu weźmie udział wiceminister rozwoju Paweł Chorąży i srebrny medalista Igrzysk Olimpijskich Rio 2016 oraz ambasador kampanii Paweł Małachowski.
Za pośrednictwem specjalnego serwisu Ministerstwo Rozwoju zachęcało Polaków do zgłaszania instytucji opiekujących się osobami potrzebującymi pomocy, zagrożonymi nierównością i wykluczeniem społecznym. Podczas gali finałowej zostaną przyznane nagrody dla „Siłaczy Społecznych”, czyli laureatów akcji oraz zaprezentowane efekty wsparcia z funduszy norweskich i EOG.
Podczas wydarzenia, dziennikarze będą mieli szansę wystartować w specjalnym pięcioboju i wgrać nawet 30 tys. zł dla wybranej instytucji, która potrzebuje wsparcia.

Podczas akcji, każdy mógł pomagać, zobacz jak robili to nasi “Siłacze Społeczni”

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Akredytacje dla mediów
Katarzyna Kobiela-Gędłek, tel.: 604 469 278, e-mail:

Fundusze norweskie i EOG
Fundusze norweskie i EOG są formą bezzwrotnej pomocy zagranicznej przyznanej przez Norwegię, Islandię i Liechtenstein nowym członkom UE. Od 2004 r. ze środków Funduszy realizowane są w Polsce projekty o łącznej wartości ponad 1 miliarda euro. Za ich wdrażanie w Polsce odpowiada Ministerstwo Rozwoju.

Presenting awards to gold medal winners of 2016 Olympics

MIL OSI – Source: President of Russia – The Kremlin – English – Press Release/Statement

Headline: Presenting awards to gold medal winners of 2016 Olympics

Russia’s national team took fourth
place in the medals table with 56 medals in total: 19 gold, 18 silver, and 19
bronze.Earlier in the day, Presidential
Aide Igor Levitin and Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko presented state awards to athletes who won silver and bronze medals at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.  * * * President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, friends.First, let
me congratulate sincerely the Russian national team on its commendable
performance at the 2016 Olympic Games. I thank you for coming through some very
difficult tests with honour. You have shown the greatest skills and utmost
strength of character and determination and reinforced Russia’s solid position
in international sport. I express
particular gratitude to the Russian team’s trainers, doctors and specialists,
and I also note the great work the Sports Ministry and National Olympic
Committee have done. We know
what a difficult time our athletes had in Rio. The team was cut by nearly a third just before competition was about to start and lost the chance to show
its ability in the sports in which Russia has traditionally been one of the recognised favourites. But you measured up to all of these challenges, showed
great unity and proved that victory can be won not just by numbers, though
numbers were important too, but perhaps more importantly, victory is also won
through skill. You displayed a true fighting spirit, did not melt down or bend
under the pressure, but fought and won. Let me
stress that not only all of Russia was behind you. You had the faith and support of all who share the Olympic movement’s values and see sport not just
as a show, but as a symbol of justice, equality, mutual respect and cooperation. We greatly
value those who uphold the Olympic movement’s principles and strive to preserve
the unity of the big Olympic family. To our great regret however, we have
witnessed how the humanitarian foundations of sport and the Olympic spirit have
been insolently trampled underfoot by politics. We have seen how issues are
decided based on considerations of the moment, and how selfish interest and perhaps even cowardice have triumphed over the Olympic principles.The decision to disqualify our Paralympic athletes goes beyond law, morality and humanity. It is quite simply cynical to take out one’s revenge and frustration
on people for whom sport has become their life purpose and whose example gives
hope and self-confidence to millions of people with disabilities. I even feel
pity for those who take decisions of this kind because they do not understand
just how degrading this is for them. I would
like to tell our Paralympic athletes that we will support them of course, and we will organise competitions where they can demonstrate their skills, and the rewards for the winners will be the same as what they would have received for their
results in the Paralympics. Yes, of course, we are aware of our own mistakes too. We continue working to improve
our country’s anti-doping system and we are doing this in complete transparency
and bringing in international specialists. However, there should be no doubt
that we cannot and will not accept accusations against our athletes unless they
are proven by evidence and facts, and we will see unproven accusations as attempts at manipulation. When we met
before your departure for Rio, I said then and I still think so now, that the international anti-doping organisations also need to improve their work to ensure they are free from political pressure. What are they, after all, a military organisation or something? They must
be completely open and transparent, so that everyone can see who is being
tested, where, with what means, what the results were, and what decisions were
taken. Only then will the international community have full confidence in this
testing system. I would
like to say yet again that not only is the law on the side of Russian athletes,
but so are all honest and rational people devoted to sport. Proof of this is
the recent election of our champion Yelena Isinbayeva to the International
Olympic Committee. Let us wish her success in her new job. Of course,
another conclusive and convincing argument in our favour was the outstanding
performance by our athletes in Rio, whose ‘cleanness’ was proven and raised no
doubts. As I said,
I believe that not only Russian supporters but also sports fans around the world were thrilled by the victories of our women’s handball team, our
synchronised swimmers, wrestlers, fencers, tennis players, pentathletes,
boxers, and our artistic and rhythmic gymnasts. I would
like to add that Rio also brought some welcome surprises and we showed serious progress
in sports in which we had not had success for a long time — sailing, archery,
and a number of other disciplines.We will have
a thorough consideration of the results at Rio de Janeiro and our further plans
at the next Sports Council meeting, but I can already tell you now that we will
definitely help our athletes to create the necessary conditions for your
successful training and further successful performances. We have the Olympic Athletes’ Support Fund to help with this. It has long served as reliable
support for developing top-level sport. I would like to add that this year the Fund will provide special encouragement to our best track and field athletes,
who were deprived of the chance to compete in the Olympics. Friends, we
are certainly proud of you. Your victories are this country’s treasure and an example for millions of people who will take up sport, choose health and an active lifestyle and learn from you a sense of purpose, belief in oneself and in the team. Of course, Russia will continue to fight for clean sport.Friends,
let me congratulate you once again on your latest successes. I congratulate you
on the state awards you have received.Thank you very much. Vladimir Putin: Friends, Just as the majority of sports fans in Russia, I was probably not able to watch all of the competitions and I mainly got to see a bit here there. Some were perhaps
luckier and saw nearly everything or the whole thing. I am sure that people
mostly watch the events they prefer, or watch when they have time, if they are
working. However, what I did see was impressive, and I am certain that millions
of Russian sports fans would agree with me. It was impressive and we were thrilled
by the victories, but we were even more thrilled by your passion, willpower,
desire to win and sincere aspiration to show you are the top no matter what.
You achieved this and did it with brilliance. Those who
watch sport from the sidelines do not know how much effort goes into winning
not only a gold or silver medal, but even a bronze one. In some sports, even
making it to the top ten is a real achievement in itself. It is an amazing feat
to come top in the world, all the more so when competition in the sports world
is so fierce today. We saw what
the women’s team achieved in handball. The victory came down to just one or two
points, and it was the same with all their rivals. This shows that different
teams all were on a similar level and that they all had a chance of winning. Or take artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and synchronised swimming. We are all
used to victories and we want to see only victories, but the competition is
tremendous and to clinch victory requires character, effort and talent. You
have all of this. I congratulate you and wish you new achievements.
Thank you very much.

Switching to GPON technology continues in Minsk

MIL OSI – Source: Beltelecom in English – Press Release/Statement

Headline: Switching to GPON technology continues in Minsk

The branch Minsk Local Telephone Network carries out modernization of the telephone network. GPON technology allows to significantly expand the range and provide a new level of quality of communication services.

Currently, the switching of the subscribers whose addresses are serviced by Exchange 273/274, Exchange 261/262, Exchange 2204, and Exchange 208 is being carried out.

All the subscribers who reside in the houses where the telephone network is being modernized will receive written notices containing all the necessary information.

Please note that for residents’ convenience, house-to-house visits will be further made in order to provide consultations regarding the transition to the new technology and to accept applications for renewal of the contract for telecommunication services without applying to the service center.

One can check the technical ability to connect to GPON technology on the website in the Section xPON, by following the link

Ambassador of Belarus A.Popkov presents copies of the Credentials at the MFA of Korea

MIL OSI – Source: Republic of Belarus Ministry of Foreign Affairs in English – Press Release/Statement

Headline: Ambassador of Belarus A.Popkov presents copies of the Credentials at the MFA of Korea

On August 24, 2016 the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus, Andrei Popkov, presented copies of his Credentials to the Director General of the Department of Protocol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea, Lee Jung-il.
During the meeting, the sides discussed current state and prospects for the development of the Belarus-Korea relations, as well as a number of issues on the international agenda.

Ambassador of Belarus O.Paferov meets the Minister of Public Works and Housing of Venezuela

MIL OSI – Source: Belarus Ministry of Foreign Affairs in English – Press Release/Statement

Headline: Ambassador of Belarus O.Paferov meets the Minister of Public Works and Housing of Venezuela

On August 24, 2016 the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Oleg Paferov, met with the Minister of Public Works and Housing of Venezuela, Manuel Quevedo.
During the meeting, the sides discussed current issues of cooperation between Belarus and Venezuela in the sphere of construction, the facilitation of joint projects of construction of social apartments in the states of Aragua, Barinas and Miranda, as well as further prospects for cooperation of the two countries in the housing construction.
The Director General of JSV Belzarubezstroy, the company that carries out a number of construction projects in Venezuela, also participated in the meeting.

Stanley Mifsud, full member of the Board of Directors for the Republic of Malta

MIL OSI – Source: European Investment Bank – Press Release/Statement

Headline: Stanley Mifsud, full member of the Board of Directors for the Republic of Malta

 Date: 24 August 2016The Republic of Malta nominated Mr Stanley MIFSUD (CEO of the Malta Investment Management Co. Ltd – MIMCOL and Advisor to the Minister for Finance) for appointment as a Full Member of the Board of Directors of the EIB to succeed Mr Noel CAMILLERI, who had tendered his resignation.
By letter dated 27 July 2016, the Board of Governors was invited to vote on the proposed appointment.
The decision to appoint Mr Stanley MIFSUD was taken on 19 August 2016, the date on which the requisite majority of Governors’ votes was reached.
The term of office of Mr Stanley MIFSUD will expire in 2018 at the end of the day either of the Annual Meeting or of the approval of the financial statements for the previous financial year, whichever is the later.  Print E-mail Short Link

President Ilves and Chancellor Merkel: we need a successful European Union

MIL OSI – Source: President of Estonia – Press Release/Statement

Headline: President Ilves and Chancellor Merkel: we need a successful European Union



The future of the European Union was the main issue discussed at the meeting of President Toomas Hendrik Ilves and the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel.

“I agree [with the Chancellor of Germany]; we do not need the ‘More Europe’ call, rather a successful European Union,” said the Estonian Head of State; according to the President, Germany holds a leading role in many issues of crucial importance for both Estonia and the EU in general.
The impact of Brexit, the future of the European Union, including the efficient protection of its external borders, migration partnership, combatting terrorism, digital internal market, containment of hostility within the immediate environs of the EU – these are the challenges that require common leadership, emphasised the Estonian Head of State.
“In times when we are weighed down with crises, we have a greater need for a perspective that sets aside narrow internal interests and has the courage to make prompt decisions for the common good.”
“Europe will need an engine that can drive our train forward, as it has become somewhat sluggish. Responsibility, steadfast principles and the skill to listen to and understand its allies, as demonstrated by Germany here today, can be this engine,” said President Ilves.
“The economic development of our continent, the competitiveness of entrepreneurs and the birth of new enterprises will become one of the key questions for the future of Europe. Protectionism, particularly in the IT sphere, may become fatal for the EU,” said the Estonian Head of State.
In focusing on the consequences of the UK exit from the EU, both parties admitted that this will involve more responsibility for the Member States of our region – we need to become more vocal and confident in protecting our goals at the EU round table and stand up for spheres that are important for us.
When speaking about the situation in Ukraine and Russian aggression, both heads of state admitted that the situation shows no improvement – in fact, the tensions are again increasing and the readiness of the European Union to respond in unison and demonstrate the required deterrence is still required.
Office of the PresidentPublic Relations Department

Heike Hänsel: Kolumbien nach Friedensabkommen vor großen Herausforderungen

MIL OSI – Source: Die Linke – Press Release/Statement

Headline: Heike Hänsel: Kolumbien nach Friedensabkommen vor großen Herausforderungen

„Die größte Herausforderung aber kommt nun, die Vereinbarungen müssen vollständig umgesetzt werden und die kolumbianische Bevölkerung muss das Abkommen durch ein Plebiszit in der verfassungsrechtlich vorgesehenen Zeit noch in diesem Jahr ratifizieren. Es ist besorgniserregend, dass Teile der politischen und wirtschaftlichen Elite Kolumbiens das Friedensabkommen ablehnen und auf die Fortsetzung des ‚schmutzigen Krieges‘ gegen soziale Bewegungen, Menschenrechtsverteidiger und die linke politische Opposition befürworten. Dies zeigt: Der paramilitärische Geist ist nach wie vor präsent in Kolumbien und muss nun konsequent von der Regierung bekämpft werden.
DIE LINKE macht sich dafür stark, dass die Übergangsjustiz-Vereinbarungen auch ihren besonderen Verpflichtungen gerecht werden, etwa der Aufklärung bezüglich der Verantwortung für Delikte gegen die Menschlichkeit innerhalb der militärischen Befehlsketten, auch bekannt unter dem Begriff Falsos Positivos. Ich fordere die Bundesregierung auf, sich dafür einzusetzen, dass die bereits im April des Jahres angekündigten Friedensgespräche zwischen der kolumbianischen Regierung und der ELN-Guerilla aufgenommen und erfolgreich zu Ende gebracht werden. Ohne eine Friedensvereinbarung mit der zweitgrößten Guerilla in Kolumbien ist auch das jetzige Friedensabkommen gefährdet.“

Manuel Valls à BFMTV : "l’économie française crée de nouveau des emplois"

MIL OSI – Source: Government of France – Press Release/Statement

Headline: Manuel Valls à BFMTV : "l’économie française crée de nouveau des emplois"

Interrogé par Jean-Jacques Bourdin sur la baisse des chiffres du chômage, le Premier ministre s’est félicité de l’installation de la baisse tendancielle du chômage qui a permis depuis le début de l’année à 72 000 personnes de trouver un emploi. Une sortie du chômage qui  touche autant les jeunes, les seniors que les chômeurs de longue durée : “ce sont toutes les catégories qui aujourd’hui sont concernées”, s’est réjoui Manuel Valls. La montée en charge sur la formation produit ses effets et va conduire d’ici à la rentrée, vers les 500 000 formations pour les demandeurs d’emplois, notamment les moins qualifiés. 
Manuel Valls à BFMTV : “l’économie française crée de nouveau des emplois”

Pour le Premier ministre cette embellie sur le front du chômage indique que “les entreprises créent de l’emploi et c’est ça le plus important. […] 40 0000 emplois au cours de ces derniers mois”.  “Ça va dans le bon sens, et ça veut dire qu’il faut continuer l’effort de soutien à la compétitivité de nos entreprises”, notamment la baisse des charges à travers le CICE et le Pacte de responsabilité. Dans la même logique de soutien de l’activité des entreprises, Manuel Valls a confirmé une baisse de l’impôt sur les sociétés, pour les petites entreprises à 28 % contre 33 % actuellement. Une baisse qui devrait concerner “une partie” des bénéfices des petites entreprises dont la taille reste encore à préciser. “Dans quelques jours, les ministres des Finances et du Budget auront l’occasion de le détailler”, a annoncé le Premier ministre. Manuel Valls a ajouté que la baisse concernant les grandes entreprises, se fera en 2020. Le Premier ministre a également confirmé l’objectif de 1,5 % de croissance pour 2016 et 2017 : “une croissance de 1,5 %, c’est celle qui permet de faire baisser le chômage, de créer de l’emploi.”  La baisse des impôts concerne aussi les impôts sur le revenu : “nous devons restituer du pouvoir d’achat aux Français en baissant l’impôt sur le revenu, ” a déclaré le Premier ministre, qui a précisé : “nous avons fait baisser depuis que je suis Premier ministre l’impôt sur le revenu, 12 millions de personnes des classes moyennes et des couches populaires ont vu leur impôt baisser. Dans mon discours de politique générale, j’avais dit que nous baisserions de 5 milliards l’impôt sur le revenu, nous y sommes et nous allons poursuivre cette baisse de l’impôt sur le revenu.” “Il y a des résultats, ces résultats vont dans le bon sens, l’économie française est plus performante. Il faut continuer les réformes, le soutien aux entreprises et le soutien bien sûr à tous les dispositifs aux chômeurs, dont la formation est un élément tout à fait essentiel”, a déclaré le Premier ministre.